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Larry DeMonaco Jr.


Choosing The Right Contractor Makes All The Difference.

  Timber Creek Construction Inc. is currently doing business in Michigan Detroit Metro Areas, Gulfport - Mississippi, Scottsdale Arizona and Reno, Nevada.

As Timber Creek grows and expands its horizons, our goal here at Timber Creek Construction Inc. (TCCI) is to provide our customers the best quality work in the ever so fast growing communities.

TCCI has over 40 years experience in the building business. A family taught trade going back to the 1930's, dropping down from generation to generation.  Taught by hands-on training from the time we were old enough to pick up hammers and just fetch lumber. 

We were taught a trade and now it's our turn to pound the nails. I'm sure our teachers are proud knowing we keep the trade alive by teaching the same to our staff the same way we learned. TCCI is proud to hand down that same quality and workmanship we were taught, but also to prove to the fast growing building world that quality and craftsmanship is still nailed down on each and every job.

Thanks for checking us out.

Many Thanks,

Larry DeMonaco Jr.,
President / CEO



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