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Choosing The Right Contractor Makes All The Difference.

               Outstanding! The work you company did was a class "A" job. Our friends
               ask wow! who did this? and we are happy to tell them "Timber Creek Construction Inc".
               We would refer you to anyone that is looking for that contractor that will go the extra
               step to take time on making a customer happy.

                                                                                                             John & Diane Mullett
                                                                                                             Rochester Hills, MI

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Before During After After After
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     Dear Larry and crew,                                                                                   

     Wonderful job your crew did on the
     replacement of our new doorwalls and
     rebuilding of our deck.

     They were so neat and so caring in 
     everything they did.

     Thanks for a great job.
Jerry Liss ---70.jpg (87905 bytes)  Click photo to see larger.

    Joanne  & Jerry Lis 
    Harbor In The Pines Condominiums.
    New Baltimore, MI

Dear Timber Creek Construction,                                                                   

    Everything was done just like you guys said it would
    be, the bathroom is beautiful along with the ceramic
    tile in the shower, the new door looks just like the others
    in the hallway. And I just love the whole job
    I will pass your cards on to my friends and family.

    You guys are great.

    Thanks again.   
    Patty Mailie    
    Berkley, MI    

    Dear Larry,                                                                 

    The garage looks great,
    Nice work. We'll see you again soon.
Click to see larger.
Gina and Don 
East Piont, Mich

Dear Timber Creek Construction      

Everyone compliments us on our beautiful master bathroom. The tile and glass block workmanship gets the highest remarks from our friends. Also the hardwood floors you installed is so easy to maintain and adds a warm feeling to the whole first floor of the house.

Thanks again for the excellent work.
                                                                          *click images to view larger*
hall_before.jpg (65453 bytes)  hall_finish.JPG (68436 bytes)       bath_before.jpg (54872 bytes)  bath_after1.jpg (59967 bytes)
                Before                  After                                 Before                           After

Lou & Anita Zinzi
Shelby Twp., MI

The workers got the job done quickly and professionally. 
They did a very nice  job matching a heavily textured 
ceiling and then cleaned up better than I usually do. 
Thanks to all involved. 

MVC-7119F.JPG (12961 bytes)  MVC-704F.JPG (26483 bytes)  MVC-709F.JPG (64649 bytes)
Outside                  Inside                Overview

John Woodward
Rochester, MI


   We want to "THANK YOU" for the outstanding job you did for us.
   Your suggestions helped put the finishing touches on our project.
   We have received many compliments from our neighbors.
   Thanks to you we are completely satisfied with our finished project. 

   Jim & Pat Herzog

Herzog_Shed_1s.JPG (50034 bytes) Herzog_Shed_2s.JPG (51021 bytes)
Herzog_Shed_6s.JPG (62294 bytes) Herzog_Shed_13s.JPG (235006 bytes)
Herzog_Shed_12s.JPG (232601 bytes) Herzog_Shed_11s.JPG (210069 bytes) Herzog_Shed_10s.JPG (233250 bytes) Herzog_shed_5-27-01_16s.JPG (42980 bytes) Herzog_shed_5-27-01_14s.JPG (41198 bytes)

Everyone I've spoken to has had a bad experience with contractors. "Don't leave them alone", "If your a women you'll get taken to the bank" "They leave your home a mess". I can't say one thing that's bad. The only contracting firm I've dealt with has been Timber Creek and if the people I've spoken to had gone with them first there would be nothing but praise. Timber Creek stayed within my budget, they cleaned up after themselves (every day). They gave me ideas to solve problems that I'd never thought of. They repaired rather than replaced to cut cost. Since they've done work in my home they have done work for my mother and several fellow employees. Always the feedback was positive "Where did you find these people?, Their fantastic!". Trust me if I didn't have absolute faith in this company they never would have met my mother! Thanks a thousand times over. 

MVC-696F.JPG (56347 bytes)   MVC-7501F.jpg (60109 bytes)
Before                    After

Mvc-631f.jpg (91427 bytes)  Mvc-634f.jpg (139424 bytes)       MVC-753F.JPG (88256 bytes)  MVC-752F.JPG (116233 bytes)
Before                                                    After

                                                                                  Susan Jackson
                                                                                Roseville, MI

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